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Silverman & Silverman Law Office is a third generation law firm that has been serving client needs since the early 1930s. Our practice focuses most heavily on debt collection and judgment enforcement throughout Iowa and Nebraska.

We accept only as many claims as we can effectively evaluate and pursue, giving our clients no false expectations as to collectability, and then extracting from each pursued claim all that the law and ethics allow.

Debt Collection Services: collection of unpaid loans, business accounts and receivables, debts for goods sold and delivered collection of mortgage and rent arrearages, secured and unsecured transactions, collection of unpaid legal, medical, or other professional fees, enforcement of creditor's rights under the Uniform Commercial Code.

Debt Collection Litigation: including foreclosure actions; the surrender and liquidation of collateral; representing creditor's interests in construction and mechanics lien filing and enforcement; asserting and protecting security interests; suing for unpaid loans, open accounts, deficiencies and other debts; and, defending creditors in lawsuits filed by debtors

Judgment Enforcement: garnishment of wages and bank accounts, execution, levy and sale of non-exempt assets; post-judgment discovery through depositions and orders in aid of execution, perfection of judgment liens, registration and enforcement of foreign judgments from other states.

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13105 Morrison Drive, Omaha, NE 68154-2963

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